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Membrane research moves forward with additional five years of NSF funding


The Membrane Applications, Science and Technology Center, an industry-university cooperative research center supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation and co-led by Penn State, recently received five additional years of funding. The funding will allow for an expansion of the center at Penn State, which has served as one of four of the center’s partner academic institutions since 2019.

Amir Sheikhi named 2024 Scialog Fellow


Amir Sheikhi, assistant professor of chemical engineering and the Dorothy Foehr Huck and J. Lloyd Huck Early Career Chair in Biomaterials and Regenerative Engineering, has been named a 2024 Scialog Fellow by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement.

Christian Pester named Rising Star in polymer research


Christian Pester, associate professor of chemical engineering, was recognized as a 2023 Rising Star in Polymers by ACS Polymers Au, a publication of the American Chemical Society.

Modified soft material promises better bioelectronics, researchers say


Soft bioelectronic devices hold potential for many advances in the health care field, but researchers have faced hurdles in identifying materials that are biocompatible while still maintaining all necessary characteristics to operate effectively. A team co-led by Penn State researchers has now taken a step toward achieving such a material.

Enrique Gomez selected as fellow for polymeric materials division of chemical society


Enrique Gomez, interim associate dean for equity and inclusion and professor of chemical engineering, was selected as a 2024 fellow by The American Chemical Society Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering.

Making healthy food accessible: Student leads pay-what-you-can farmer’s market


Driven by a personal commitment to a healthy lifestyle, third-year student Jimmy Alamia has led a collaboration between the Dr. Keiko Miwa Ross Student Farm and the Lion's Pantry to make healthy eating easy and affordable for the campus community. He spearheaded the launch of the Feed the People Market Stand at University Park, a pay-what-you-can farmers market offering fresh, campus-grown produce to students, faculty and staff.

New scholarship to benefit engineering students from the Coal Region


A mechanical engineering alumnus honored his late brothers and their Coal Region roots through an $800,000 gift to establish a scholarship in the College of Engineering. The Robert, John, and Edward Mitchell Family Endowed Scholarship Fund in the College of Engineering will help engineering students who hail from Pennsylvania’s Coal Region – or Schuylkill, Carbon, Columbia and Northumberland Counties – in their pursuit to become engineers.

Peeples named dean of Penn State’s College of Engineering


Tonya L. Peeples has been named the permanent Harold and Inge Marcus Dean of Engineering in the Penn State College of Engineering, effective Jan. 1, 2024.

NIH diversity grant to fund student’s 3D bioprinting research


Angie Castro, a chemical engineering doctoral student, researches 3D printing granular scaffolds for tissue engineering and regeneration to meet precise medical needs through the Bio-Soft Materials Laboratory (B-SMaL). Now, her work is supported by a new National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant awarded to her adviser and B-SMaL director, Amir Sheikhi.

Mechanics of breast cancer metastasis discovered, offering target for treatment


New research led by Penn State reveals for the first time the mechanics behind how breast cancer cells may invade healthy tissues. The discovery offers new clinical targets against metastasis and has the potential to fundamentally change how cancer is treated.

Sending a 'We Are!' to these Penn Staters


Amir Sheikhi was recognized as part of Penn State News' "We Are!" feature, which recognizes Penn Staters who have gone above and beyond what's asked of them in their work at the University.

Engineering graduate students recognized with University fellowships


The Graduate School at Penn State recognized 114 students as recipients of the 2023-24 University Graduate Fellowships and Distinguished Graduate Fellowships, including 22 students from the College of Engineering.

Janik named associate director of Institute of Energy and the Environment


Michael Janik has been named an associate director of the?Institute of Energy and the Environment?(IEE) at Penn State.?Janik is a professor of chemical engineering?whose work includes understanding and designing catalysts for alternative energy conversion systems. His role as associate director began on Oct. 1.?

Media mention: ‘Penn State scientists unlock the key to clean energy storage’


Bert Chandler, professor of chemical engineering, led a team of researchers who discovered how and why hydrogen spillover occurs. He discusses these findings in an article by Interesting Engineering.

Striking gold with molecular mystery solution for potential clean energy


With some luck and a lot of work, Chandler said, a Penn State-led research team has discovered how and why hydrogen spillover occurs and provided the first quantitative measurement of the process. They published their findings in Nature Catalysis.

Media mention: ‘Researchers develop mussel-inspired coating that can extract rare earth elements’


Research led by Amir Sheikhi, assistant professor of chemical and of biomedical engineering, was featured in an article by The Chemical Engineer, the member magazine of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

One Health Microbiome Center's 2023-24 Interdisciplinary Innovation Fellows


Sina Kherabadi, doctoral student in chemical engineering, was named an Interdisciplinary Innovation Fellow for the 2023-24 term. Kherabadi is advised by Amir Sheikhi, assistant professor of chemical engineering and of biomedical engineering.

Mussels inspire an eco-friendly way to extract critical rare earth elements


Penn State researchers found inspiration under the sea: mussel stickiness. By mimicking this natural glue, the researchers developed a new mussel-inspired nanocellulose coating that has demonstrated the ability to recover rare earth elements from secondary sources such as industrial wastewater without using a high amount of energy.

New approach to fuel cell manufacturing could reduce cost, increase availability


A Penn State-led team of researchers developed a potentially promising approach to make fuel cells more affordable. The new method reduces the amount of platinum-group metal (PGM) loadings by replicating a process used in computer chip manufacturing.

Soft tissue restoration, blood vessel formation focus of $3M grant


The ability to regenerate and pattern blood vessels, the literal lifelines extending deep into soft tissues, remains an elusive milestone in regenerative medicine. Known as tissue revascularization, stimulating blood vessel growth and pattern formation in damaged or diseased tissues could accelerate the field of regenerative medicine, according to Penn State researchers.

Ezgi Toraman named to Chemical & Engineering News’ ‘Talented 12’ list


Ezgi Toraman, assistant professor of chemical engineering and of energy and mineral engineering at Penn State, is one of 12 early-career scientists named to Chemical & Engineering News’ (C&EN) 2023 “Talented 12” list that highlights early-career researchers in the chemical sciences who are tackling difficult global problems.

Enrique Gomez named interim engineering associate dean for equity and inclusion


Enrique Gomez, professor of chemical engineering in the Penn State College of Engineering and of materials science and engineering in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, has been appointed the interim associate dean for equity and inclusion for the College of Engineering, effective July 1.

Penn State announces tenure-line faculty promotions, effective July 1, 2023


Tenured and tenure-line faculty promotions at Penn State, effective July 1, 2023, include more than 25 engineering faculty members.

Amir Sheikhi honored with ‘Young Innovator’ award


Amir Sheikhi, assistant professor of chemical engineering at Penn State, was honored with the Hisako Terasaki Young Innovator Award at the Terasaki Innovation Summit, held March 8-10 in Los Angeles.

Penn State engineers report low-cost human biomarker sensor designs


Penn State researchers have developed a low-cost, RNA-based technology to detect and measure biomarkers, which can help decode the body’s physiology. The presence of protein biomarkers can indicate chronic or acute conditions, from arthritis to cancer to bacterial infections, for which conventional tests can cost anywhere from $100 to upwards of $1,000. The new technology can perform the same measurement for about a dollar.

Tonya Peeples named interim Harold and Inge Marcus Dean of Engineering


Tonya Peeples, senior associate dean and professor of chemical engineering in the Penn State College of Engineering, has been appointed as the interim Harold and Inge Marcus Dean of Engineering, effective July 1. Peeples will succeed Anthony Atchley in the role, following his retirement at the end of June.

Energy, environmental seed grants awarded to interdisciplinary research teams


Nineteen interdisciplinary research teams received funding through the Institutes of Energy and the Environment’s (IEE) Seed Grant Program for 2023. This includes more than 75 researchers who are affiliated with 10 colleges and research units across seven Penn State campuses.

Projects to advance zero-waste water research, solutions


A new master agreement with ENOWA, a company tasked with pioneering sustainable energy and water innovations, will support Penn State research efforts in sustainable water solutions.

Media mention: ‘Biological Clocks Have Been 'Rewired' to Increase Lifespan by 80 Percent’


Howard Salis, associate professor of agricultural and biological engineering, of chemical engineering, and of biomedical engineering, offered perspective on a University of California study focused on cellular aging.

Schreyer Honors College announces 2023 student and faculty award winners


Seven Schreyer Scholars and two Penn State faculty members have been selected as recipients of Schreyer Honors College awards for the 2022-23 academic year.

College of Engineering names student marshals for spring 2023 commencement


The Penn State College of Engineering has named its student marshals for the spring 2023 commencement ceremony. One student is selected to represent each of the 14 majors associated with the college and the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program.

Sending a 'We Are' to these Penn Staters


Christian Pester, Thomas K. Hepler Early Career Professor in Chemical Engineering, was nine Penn Staters recognized for going above and beyond what’s asked of them in their work at the University.

Eleven alumni to receive College of Engineering's highest honor


Eleven Penn State engineering graduates have been selected to receive the College of Engineering’s Outstanding Engineering Alumni Awards. The ceremony will take place on March 13 at The Penn Stater.

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