$50,000 Intel grant awarded to develop course on quantum computing

February 1, 2023

By Mariah R. Lucas

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Technology company Intel awarded Penn State $50,000 to develop a three-credit college course on programming quantum computers. Swaroop Ghosh, Penn State associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science, will serve as principal investigator. 

Quantum computers have exponentially more processing power than conventional ones, according to Ghosh, and are capable of handling complex problems in fields like materials science, drug design and climate modeling. According to Intel, the college curricula will be designed to “help build an ecosystem of developers to begin exploring programming applications for quantum computing.”

In the course, undergraduate students will use software development kits, such as Intel’s new software Quantum, to demonstrate various concepts of quantum computing through hands-on games and activities.

Ghosh will share draft course content with industry and academic collaborators to obtain feedback on the curriculum. Once a final version is established, Ghosh plans to launch the course at Penn State in fall 2024.

One of five universities that received grants, Penn State was mentioned in media coverage from The Next Platform and Quantum Computing Report. The other recipients include Ohio State University, the University of Pennsylvania, the Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Germany, and Keio University, Japan.


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