Daniel Cortes receives inaugural ASME bioengineering team science medal

June 15, 2023

By Sarah Small

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Daniel Cortes, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Penn State, is a member of the research team that received the inaugural Edward Grood Interdisciplinary Team Science Medal in Bioengineering from the bioengineering division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). 

The award, which was established in 2022, “seeks to recognize a team of scientists and engineers who have collaboratively carried out impactful interdisciplinary science and engineering research in the bioengineering field,” according to the ASME website. It was presented to the team at the 2023 Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Biotransport Conference, held June 4-8 in Vail, Colorado.

The interdisciplinary, multi-institution team focuses on spine research and is led by Dawn Elliott, from the University of Delaware, and Robert Mauck, from the University of Pennsylvania. The team comprises 13 researchers from the University of Delaware, the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Rush University, the University of California, Berkeley and Penn State.

The team’s spine research focuses on three main areas: structure-function and degeneration; tissue-engineered replacements; and injectable therapies. Cortes conducts research in the first area, with a focus on tissue engineering. His related research interests include tendon and ligament biomechanics, non-invasive quantification of muscle function, ultrasound shear wave elastography and magnetic resonance elastography.


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