Nanoscale publishes Larry Cheng review paper, selects him as emerging investigator

January 30, 2023

By Mary Fetzer

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The journal Nanoscale selected Huanyu “Larry” Cheng, James L. Henderson, Jr. Memorial Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics at Penn State, as one of its 2023 Emerging Investigators. As part of this recognition, the journal, which covers experimental and theoretical research in the areas of nanotechnology and nanoscience, invited Cheng to submit an article to Nanoscale’s 2023 Emerging Investigators themed collection

The issue highlights the very best work from nanoscience researchers in the early stages of their independent careers, according to the invitation. Cheng’s paper, "Pathway of Transient Electronics Towards Connected Biomedical Applications," was accepted by Nanoscale and published this month. 

The paper reviews recent developments and advantages of triggering strategies — electrical, thermal, ultrasound and optical — for controlling the degradation of on-demand transient electronic devices. It also summarizes bioresorbable sensors for medical diagnoses, including representative applications in electrophysiology and neurochemical sensing. Finally, it addresses the current challenges and future potential of the technology. 

Cheng concluded that the ultimate practical, robust transient electronic device system hinges on the mature developments in the decoupling mechanism and closed-loop therapeutics. The introduction of intelligent, robust transient electronic systems will present opportunities from hardware security to biomedical diagnosis and therapeutics in the real world. 

“It is a great honor to be recognized as one of the rising stars in the field,” Cheng said. “I am grateful for the efforts and help from my students, colleagues and mentors so we can jointly carry out work with the potential to influence future directions in nanoscience and nanotechnology.” 


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