Penn State engineers’ work recognized with Naval Research Laboratory award


By Sarah Small

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Two Penn State researchers received a 2021 Annual Research Publications Award from the Naval Research Laboratory for their paper, “A Model for Coherent Communication Gain in Distributed Wireless Networks.”  

Ram Narayanan, professor of electrical engineering; Michael Lipski, an electrical engineering doctoral candidate at Penn State and an electrical engineer for the Naval Research Laboratory; and co-author Sastry Kompella, of the Naval Research Laboratory, were recognized this spring for their research contributions. 

In their work, the researchers considered scenarios of remote sensing and mobile communications between vehicles, drones or personnel in an environment that lacks telecommunications infrastructure. 

The distributed networks formed to fill these roles would typically consist of small, battery-operated transceivers with limited power and an omnidirectional antenna pattern,” Narayanan said. “Our proposed coherent communication technique offers benefits for the distributed network, such as greater communication range, throughput, reliability, energy efficiency and low observability. A simulation example using a transmitter array-receiver array system was used to highlight and validate the proposed concepts. 


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