Fall 2022 capstone project showcase winners announced

December 9, 2022

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. —The winners from Penn State Bernard M. Gordon Learning Factory’s in-person and virtual end-of-semester showcase have been named. The showcase is for senior engineering students to present their capstone design projects.

The in-person showcase was held from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. on Dec. 6 in the Bryce Jordan Center Arena. The virtual showcase took place Dec. 6-16. All of the projects can be viewed here.

In-person showcase awards:  

First-place “Best Project” winners 

Project: Design of a new compliant implant for bone fracture repair 
Sponsor: Penn State College of Medicine 
Team members: Alaa Abdou, Coleman Cush, Nicolas Mangine, John Munoz, Odin Silawi 

Project: Delphi phase 1 data creation and prototype optimization 
Sponsor: TDI Novus Inc.  
Team members: Tingxue Gu, Shareef Parkes, Christian Piccioni, Sebastian Rodriguez Traconis, Yiyang Wang 

Second-place “Best Project” winners

Project: ASME human-powered vehicle team 
Sponsor: Penn State Department of Mechanical Engineering 
Team members: Joseph Gubernot, Shagun Lakhia, Claudia Rudisill 

Project: Medical device reliability 
Sponsor: Philips Ultrasound 
Team members: Henry Fernandes, Sara Gotter, Kwando Lee, Isabella Sciullo, Aniketh Tathachar 

Third-place “Best Project” winners

Project: Shell eco-marathon body – Team 1 
Sponsor: Shell 1 – Body 
Team members: Arabella Cairnie, Travis Gaskill, Ian Lowery, Nicholas Sauers, Alex Shafley 

Project: Gas man online 
Sponsor: Penn State College of Medicine 
Team members: Siandra Chelapurath, Ian Eviston, Levi Gerber, Timothy Hendricks, Shirui Tian, Mark Vernachio, How-Yeh Wan 

“BP People’s Choice” winner

Project: Determine optimal size of shipping boxes for our products 
Sponsor: Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC 
Team members: Saud Khalid A Aljabr, Ju Yong Lee, Youhanna Meleka, Kathryn Elizabeth Romeo 

“Best Sponsor Award” winners  

Sponsors: Ryan Miely and Matthew Daviau 
Company: General Motors 

Sponsor: Yo-Rhin Rhim 
Company: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab 

Virtual showcase awards:

“Amphenol People’s Choice” winner

Project: Biomimetic low-drag thermal protection system
Sponsor: John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Team members: Patrick Kirsch, Brian Phipps, Tianyou Lou, Nate Warren

“Best K-12 Engagement” winners

Project: Affordable solar air filter
Sponsor: Penn State School of Design and Engineering Innovation
Team members: Noor Al Jashmi, Jared Lynch, Patrick Shepper, Caleb Stitzer, Evan Turner, Sarah Will

Project: The sharkskin impeller
Sponsor: Flowserve
Team members: Ali Almuallim, Blake Hellman, Haiming Lu, Erik Malanoski, Alexander Sakal, Karol Szostak

Project: Smart mold
Sponsor: Carlisle Construction Materials
Team members: Jake Spinelli, Domenic Niosi, Matthew Fabiunke, Ethan Duncan

First-place “Best Poster” winner

Project: Slab leveling jig
Sponsor: Seneca Woodworking
Team members: Summer Brown, Dylan Rowland, Kyle Sweeney, Colin Talty, Alexandre Traca

Second-place “Best Poster” winner

Project: EV tire noise
Sponsor: International Marketing, Inc.
Team members: Jaeyun Lim, Kwonyeol Lee, Maxwell Keppel

Third-place “Best Poster” winner

Project: Homogenization optimization of extrusion billet
Sponsor: Pennex Aluminum Company
Team members: HaoLin Sun, Thomas Weinert, Ashlyn Smith, Brock Welker

First-place “Best Video” winner

Project: Wearable gait sensor
Sponsor: Penn State Hershey Medical Center
Team members: Samantha Freed, Samantha Ciccarelli, Elias Khamisy, Alexander Lehman, Yihua Zhao

Second-place “Best Video” winner

Project: Design of a new compliant implant for bone fracture repair
Sponsor: Penn State College of Medicine
Team members: Alaa Abdou, Coleman Cush, Nicolas Mangine, John Munoz, Odin Silawi

Third-place “Best Video” winner

Project: Cellular based IoT using oneM2M testing for conformance
Sponsor: Exacta Global Smart Solutions
Team members: Tyler Sengia, Joe O’Brien, Noah Schiro, Praney Goyal, Hayden Weber

“Gangnam Stylish Video” winner

Project: IIoT enabled smart logistics rack for automobile assembly automation
Sponsor: Volvo Group Automation (Mi4 Laboratories)
Team members: Arya Keni, Luke Trumpbour, Kai-Ting Chou, Boyang Wang


Student wearing safety goggles, moving a metal bar that is attached to a metal frame, other students in the background

The Learning Factory showcase, now in its twenty-seventh year, celebrates the collaboration of students and sponsors on design projects across disciplines. IMAGE: Jeff Xu/Penn State

One student pointing to a showcase project and talking to another student, other students in the foreground and background

Students’ projects are judged by a panel of industry experts, which includes current and past sponsors and members of the Learning Factory Industry Advisory Board. IMAGE: Jeff Xu/Penn State

Student pointing to a laptop screen that is set up for a showcase project, two other students are in the background

The event is the culmination of 15 weeks of work, which starts with the Project Kick-Off Meeting during the first week of the semester. IMAGE: Jeff Xu/Penn State


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