Graduate students’ visually engaging research recognized at annual Vizzies


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The Penn State Department of Mechanical Engineering recently celebrated its graduate students and their visually engaging research during the 2022 Vizzies. The Vizzies are an annual departmental competition, based on the National Science Foundation initiative, that recognizes compelling scientific research. This year, Dailen Brown took first place with his image, “Hope Shines Through.” Brown, who is advised by Jason Moore, associate professor of mechanical engineering, submitted the image in honor of medical professionals around the world. Brady Sawyer placed second with his image, “Microstructure of an Additively Manufactured Nickel Alloy,” and Nandana Menon placed third with her image, “Interface Microstructure of Additively Manufactured IN718.” The People’s Choice winner, determined by receiving the most likes on Facebook, was Md Abu Jafar Rasel for his image, “In-situ Biasing and Strain Map.”


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scanning electron microscope image of the microstructure of an additively manufactured Inconel 718 specimen, at 8,000x magnification.

Second place: “Microstructure of an Additively Manufactured Nickel Alloy.” IMAGE: Brady Sawyer

Optical microscopy image of an as-deposited IN718 alloy using Directed Energy Deposition on heat-treated IN718 shows the varied microstructure at the interface. Overlapping melt pools are also seen in the subsequent layers with grains of different orientations etched with different intensities

Third place: “Interface Microstructure of Additively Manufactured IN718." IMAGE: Nandana Menon

(Left) High resolution transmission electron microscopy image of Ga2O3 Schottky Diode during electrical biasing. (Right) Evolution of strain and dislocation defects in the device during biasing calculated from HRTEM image

People's Choice: “In-situ Biasing and Strain Map.” IMAGE: Md Abu Jafar Rasel