2022 Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award: Shalini Govil Pai


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Shalini Govil Pai, general manager and vice president of Google TV, has been named one of 11 recipients of the 2022 Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award by the Penn State College of Engineering.

Govil Pai earned a bachelor of science in computer science from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, from where she holds a Distinguished Alumni award, and a master of science in computer science from Penn State.

In her current role at Google TV, Govil Pai conceived, implemented and executed the company’s TV strategy, growing 100% year-over-year for the past three years. She recently also took on a leadership role for emerging technologies at Google. Previously, Govil Pai was the senior director for technology solutions at YouTube, where she led the distribution strategy for media creators — growing this cohort’s monthly active users by a factor of 10 to one billion during her tenure.

After receiving her degrees, Govil Pai served as technical director at Pixar, launching the blockbuster films Toy Story and A Bugs Life, and she worked with clients including Levi’s, Chips Ahoy and Listerine on award-winning commercials. She also served as founder and CEO of NetJadu, an offshore IT company. Govil Pai is a frequent speaker on digital transformation. She was the keynote speaker at Google’s annual hardware event, IBC 2019 and at CES 2021. She was featured on NextTVs executive watchlist, as well as on Forbes, Vogue and Economic Times. She writes frequently on leadership, remote work and launching products in a pandemic — topics which she has written about in FastCompany and elsewhere — and on intrapreneurship, which she has written about for NextWeb and other outlets. Devoted to education, she is a board member of Pratham, an educational non-profit, and TechLab, an educational lab for children.

She is a member of Chief, a private network for professional women, and founding member of Neythri, an organization advancing professional South Asian women. 


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